Who We Are

Wunnuh exists to #MakeBarbadosBetter.

Wunnuh, the Igbo word for “you” plural, is one of the few fragments of a West African tongue to have endured the Middle Passage unsilenced and to have survived in ordinary Bajan conversation.

Wunnuh Consultants works to accelerate the social, cultural and economic development of Barbados and Bajans. We are social entrepreneurs: we use entrepreneurial techniques to pursue social missions that create value for entire communities, not just shareholders.

Our principal is Peter Lawrence Thompson, MBA, CFRE, an experienced non-profit management consultant and fundraising executive.

On our blog we seek to portray Bajans in ways that improve how we think, and how we think of ourselves. We want to prompt Bajans to reimagine ourselves in ways that make us more engaged, more productive, more creative and more collaborative. We use many genres and a variety of media— video, fiction, art, apps, podcasts, essays, photography, poetry, events, etc.— to tell the stories of innovators, of artists, of business people, of social entrepreneurs, of activists, of creative people who succeed in making a positive difference in their community. We champion a range of imaginative efforts to develop Barbados and we welcome the participation of all Bajans.

If you have written or produced something which tries to #MakeBarbadosBetter in the way I have outlined, contact me by email at peter@wunnuh.org. We offer modest compensation for non-exclusive publication rights.