Our mission at Wunnuh Consultants is to #MakeBarbadosBetter.

Whatever appears here seeks to portray Bajans in ways that improve how we think, and how we think of ourselves. We want to prompt us to reimagine ourselves in ways that make us more engaged, more productive, more creative and more collaborative. We will use many genres and a variety of media— video, fiction, art, apps, podcasts, essays, photography, poetry, events, etc.— to tell the stories of innovators, of artists, of business people, of social entrepreneurs, of activists, of creative people who succeed in making a positive difference in their community. We champion a range of imaginative efforts to develop Barbados and we welcome the participation of all Bajans.

I will take it as given that almost all Bajans of any socioeconomic class and every complexion want to make Barbados better. There is a diversity of opinion about how to accomplish this, but I have always found it productive to assume good intentions in most of the people with whom I may disagree. Making Barbados better does not mean ignoring the fact that Bajans have achieved quite a lot in the past few decades; but despite these achievements the public mood is one of frustration and disappointment.

So we need to find enough common ground to put together a program aimed at making Barbados better: improving the quality of life of as many Bajans as we can by as much as we can.

It is evident to me that compiling a list of what is wrong with Barbados is not effective at generating solutions to our problems. It leads instead to finger pointing and name-calling and pointless bickering over which political faction is more or less responsible for which mistake. I seek, instead, to form a deeper understanding of the forces which promote or impede Bajan progress.

If you have written or produced something which tries to #MakeBarbadosBetter in the way I have outlined, contact me by email at peter@wunnuh.org. We offer modest compensation for non-exclusive publication rights.